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Hi There!

I'm Katie Lee Hornberger, a multi-state licensed, certified genetic counselor. When I first started my career in reproductive genetic counseling over six years ago, I had no idea that I would be facing a fertility journey of my own. My partner and I started trying for our second child in 2018 and were met with unexplained recurrent miscarriages- five of them. 


I reluctantly joined the infertility club and discovered that the facebook groups and instagram accounts I encountered on the topic of infertility and miscarriage were abound with misinformation and false claims. In an attempt to make meaning of my losses and share my expertise in genetics and fertility, I started a YouTube channel, Katie Lee CGC talks Miscarriage and Fertility in January 2021.  I started recording videos about my own fertility journey and how genetics intersects with fertility.  Shortly after starting my first channel, I started a second to share information about a career in genetic counseling and this is just the beginning. 

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My Story

As someone who has dreamed of having children for as long as I can remember, I have found great meaning helping people build their families as a reproductive genetic counselor.  My first position out of genetic counseling graduate school was with one of the most well-known fertility clinics in the country- Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. Three years into my career, I transitioned to a laboratory setting and counseled with Igenomix, a genetic testing laboratory that offers fertility-related testing.

As my miscarriages started happening and kept happening, I scoured the literature for answers and solutions. I pored over my lab results and medical records stamped with the diagnoses like habitual aborter and hostile uterus.  It was during this time, that I realized the need for genetic counselors and other medical experts on social media.  I started thinking about how I could share my expertise online, but I could not find the time with a busy career and my family. With the realization that my son might be my only child, I sought out a part time position so I could enjoy him. The switch to part time work also afforded me time to start my YouTube channel.

I currently head up the genetics team at Seattle Sperm Bank.  When I am not taking calls from potential donors or individuals seeking out sperm donors (or spending time with my son), I develop educational content on fertility, miscarriages, and a career in genetic counseling.



My vision for this site is two-fold:

1) To provide accurate information on miscarriages and fertility, delivered empathetically by someone who has been through it herself.

2) To inspire aspiring genetic counselors by providing insights into the career and application process. My hope is that by making information on genetic counseling widely available, a more diverse set of applicants will be encourage to explore a career in genetic counseling. 


 Let's connect.

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