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Decoding Donor Selection: Guide to Selecting a Sperm Donor

If you are beginning to explore sperm donor profiles and feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information available about on each donor, the Decoding Donor Selection: Guide to Selecting a Sperm Donor is for you.  The process of filtering through donors can be overwhelming. This guide aims to provide a thorough overview of the factors to contemplate when selecting a sperm donor. This guide includes ten pages of information to consider when starting your sperm donor search. 


As a certified genetic counselor with over eight years in the fertility industry, I have helped many recipients understand donor options. This guide includes  information I have learned throughout my years working at a clinic and a large sperm bank. 


The guide is a 10 page downloadable or printable that includes information on:

  • Types of donor arrangments (known donors, donors from sperm banks)
  • How to reserch sperm banks
  • What donor conceived people want you to know
  • How to review donor family histories
  • What to know about carrier screening and genetic testing on donors
  • Questions to ask your doctor before starting your donor search 
  • CMV testing
  • Relevance of blood type when selecting a donor
  • Explanation of vial types for purchase
  • Additional resources
  • And more!


This guide has been created for individuals seeking fertility treatment or sperm donation in the US. 


This guide is not a replacement for personalized medical advice. Please contact your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding medical advice, your condition or treatment.

Decoding Donor Selection: Guide to Selecting a Sperm Donor

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