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Recurrent Miscarriage Work-Up Booklet & Tracker Printable

If you or your loved one has experienced multiple pregnancy losses, this digital file will be useful to help to organize the results of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) labwork and general fertility labwork.  If you are beginning to research what blood work your OB/GYN or RE (reproductive endocinologist = IVF doctor) can order for you to help you understand the cause of your pregnancy losses, this printable can help you get organized.  If you have already completed an extensive work-up with multiple providers, this printable will keep you organized so you have one reference sheet with all relevant results.  


As someone who has experienced multiple pregnancy losses and completed testing with multiple providers, I hate logging into three different patient portals and searching for relevant results.  This sheet keeps me organized and can be printed and updated as needed. 


This printable includes a table for recurrent pregnancy loss testing, a table for a female fertility/egg source work-up and a table for the male partner/sperm source fertility testing.  A list of lifestyle factors that are proven to affect risk for miscarriage is also included as a reminder to discuss any relevant lifestyle factors with your doctor. 

All tests with an asterisk are tests that have been recommended by ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) for patients who have experienced two or more pregnancy losses. In addition, a five page booklet is included to explain what each RPL test evaluates and why it is important. 


I walk through this resource on my YouTube channel. Check the video out here:


This content is for education and informational purposes only. This guide is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please contact your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding medical advice, your condition or treatment.

Recurrent Miscarriage Work-Up Booklet & Tracker Printable

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